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. 2019. Reviews: Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker is a movie starring Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Adam Driver. The surviving members of the resistance face the First Order once again, and the legendary conflict between the Jedi and. Actor: Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher. user Rating: 7,5 of 10 stars. Directors: J.J. Abrams. Rey: It`s over,Ben! I have the high groud! Kylo Ren: You understimate my power! Rey: Don`t try it! Anakin: She is right, indeed... Watch star wars episode ix - the rise of skywalker full movie online. Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker Watch full. Star wars: episode ix - the rise of skywalker watch full movies.

I'm going to say what I said back when Disney bought the franchise: Get away from the Skywalkers. They've been done to death. I want an Old Republic movie/show. It has loads of potential to do whatever you like without breaking canon, and given that you can have a lot more Jedi and a lot more Sith around, makes for it to be more epic is scope. 1:44 my dad and his friends when i get home. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts log in sign up 1 1 Posted by 27 days ago comment 100% Upvoted Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in sign up Sort by no comments yet Be the first to share what you think! u/daystimegood Karma 1 Cake day January 11, 2020 help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts Communities Top Posts Topics about careers press advertise blog Terms Content policy Privacy policy Mod policy Reddit Inc © 2020. All rights reserved Cookies help us deliver our Services. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.   Learn More.

Star wars: episode ix - the rise of skywalker watch full episodes.
Star wars: episode ix - the rise of skywalker watch full cast.

Star wars 3a episode ix- the rise of skywalker watch full wallpaper. This is a place for those who want to speculate on any Star Wars news, theories, or new and old leaks from the Star Wars movie franchise coming from Disney. This will be a place for you to post your wildest of theories or what you think the story is going to be. Speculate on characters as small as Baby Yoda or as important as Ol' Sheev Palps. Have fun! C3PO a sans doute réalisé qu'il ne vivrait plus pour très longtemps, il a un programme Windows... So this is how they ruin the memory of the greatest sci fi ever, i mean its much as if it was a cartoon of a legendary space movie fantasy empire, wich held no bounds in what could be out there and what stories there were to be told. And THIS is what they make of it, a girl who cries all the time like she has forgotten the serious times they are in and what needs to be done, i mean the WHOLE GALAXY is at stake, and she has her focus on her emotional issues and keeps giving up all clues to her adversary etc, then its has no feeling or connection to all that is happening in the plot, it just happens thats all deal with it, and dont forget the bad comedy moments and parody encrusted pop ups by old heroes from the real movies that actually had some feeling and was serious. its all just a joke from DISNEY, its for kids basically and the cartoon versions of Starwars prob have more seriousness in them from being actual cartoons wich puts it in to plain light what it is so u can take as is, but this is just cheating
few points for atleast keeping the tale alive and the hero pop ups, but the new crew are kindergarden actors, sorry.

Star wars 3a episode ix- the rise of skywalker watch full cover. Me when I realise Im not drafted in WWIII. Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker tv Hindi Film Free Watch Online. Kathleen Kennedy put JJ Abrams on her casting couch and he took the chance and put Ridley on his and with JJ being newly single it all worked out. except for Star Wars fans and those into the power of the force suffered a betrayal.
Even the former Mrs Abrams got a hefty monthly payment out of her settlement something that JJ is financing through this rubbish he arrogantly calls 'Star Wars.'

Daisy is a bad actress honest to goodness and will go the way of the bad actor from the prequels Christian Henderson or something.

Glad I'm not the only one lost when watching this as far as plot's concerned... Ok the new trilogy sucks
I did like this better than the other two
BUT No Anakin Skywalker besides his voice.
The story is basically "sorry about the past Jedi"
It's a shame about the cast, you could of used them in a new trilogy or even a follow on this Skywalker trilogy with an actual story still.
Rey after this film I liked but purely because they used her right.
There isn't a really a story
The rating is for visuals and daisy Ridley and that's it.
Shame but I don't hate it as much as the last Jedi so it wins.


The irony of having episode VIII be all about forgetting the past while also reviving the senate in episode IX is not lost on me. Star wars: episode ix - the rise of skywalker watch full episode. While this is not -At All- what this theory is about, I'd argue that there's a significant difference between original characters, particularly main characters, and those we gained/lost in the prequels. We had Han for over 30 years before he died and the event was demonstrable more impactful to the community then, say, Alec McGuinness's Obi-Wan dying in Act II of IV.

The reason Ben see's Han is because Leia projects his image to Ben just before she dies. Star wars: episode ix - the rise of skywalker watch full show. (Ongoing discussion I've been having with my Sister - my text regular, hers italics).. in numbered order - discussion is 1st paragraph my opening, 2nd her response, 3rd my follow up... Please add your thoughts... START MESSAGE I can’t believe I’m saying this. I wasn’t a huge fan of Ep. VII.. And that makes me sad. Why??? Repetition of themes: I really wanted to see something new, something different, something that required a little more thought. Instead we got “Death Star III: This time we built it into a planet. ” I mean, c’mon, there was even a “trench run” shot ala Ep. IV. It felt like a cop-out. And the scenes in the control room at the Resistance base.. Death Star I anyone? Hoth? … “the weapon will be online in 30 seconds…”.. ohh C’mon. There were reused ideas from the original trilogy, however if you are going to hate every movie that reuses ideas, then you are going to hate every movie ever. The themes were reused, but to appease the people who complained that they prequels weren't enough like the original trilogy. And they were taken verbatim from the OT, the idea was reused, but with a new spin (i. e the Starkiller weapon could destroy multiple systems at once, and required a sun to power it). I was just really miffed that they recycled to that degree – like, I get it – even the Thrawn trilogy and such revisited those themes; but with the entire weight of Disney behind it I really thought they’d try something different. 2) Story Arch: Such a small scale all-told in Ep. so much more could have been setup. Sure, I get it, Ep. VIII and IX are going to be more about the Jedi / growth of Kylo Ren whathaveyou.. but.. I'm an idiot, this is a GALAXY far far away.. a whole God Damned universe! Think bigger! Star Wars has never been a story that includes details about the entire galaxy; that would be impossible to put into one movie. Arguably the same amount of the galaxy was seen covered in TFA as was in ANH. The story of Star Wars only ever follows the main characters; if you want more "whats going on in the rest of the galaxy? " see Episode 1 with the senate debates. But I feel like this is a major plothole.. 1, 2, 3 are all about the fall of the Old Republic and the rise of the Empire… 4, 5, 6 about the fledgling Rebellion and their victories over the same.. then 7.. and, nothing. No mention of the post-Empire reconstitution of galactic governance, heck was there even one mention of the “New Republic” or anything akin to it? That’s what I mean by lack of scale – it was a character story, and only a character story (and I get it, they’re setting up the next ones). 3) Villain: Kylo Ren pissed me off. One, for there being no backstory to him or why he does what he does beyond “he had a falling out with Luke Skywalker. ” He’s juvenile, and the lightsaber tantrums … Jesus it was like Ep. II and III Anakin only with more inflection in his voice. Anyone who was a fan of the expanded universe growing up – I was hoping for a more brooding, calculating evil in Ep. VII; something akin to Grand Admiral Thrawn. Also, they should have just kept his mask on… He was a petulant child. Not Palpatine / Vader quality of evil. Snot nosed kid that someone should have smacked upside the head. And the voice … really people, we’re over the whole “talk through a coffee filter” / Christian Bale Batman thing… Kylo Ren had the same backstory as Vader in ANH, if not more. We only knew that Vader was a pupil of Obi-Wan and turned to the dark side; no reason why he turned, or who he was before that. With Kylo, we learn that he is the son of Han and Leia, and grandson to Vader. He is untrained in the dark side and not fully turned and his internal conflict shows through he outbursts. Vader shows the same type of outburst, force choking anyone who pisses him off, but they are more in control. His mask was to hide the fact that he was/is a child, and anyone who talks through a mask will have a muffled/distorted voice. Seeing it now for a third time he is a child, I think that is very much the point they are trying to make. He has very little control over himself and seems to be less in control as the movie goes on. Something Snoke seems to pick up on as well. I’d argue the “untrained” piece – he shows a great deal more ability at force manipulation than almost any other (movie) character to this point aside from Palpatine. He’s definitely in control when he wants to be. And my guess for the “falling out” with Luke Skywalker storyline will be something along the lines of being impatient with the pace of his training (much like Luke in ESB). He’s that prodigy that picks up everything realllly quick, and wants to keep devouring knowledge. He’d have to have been significantly trained to have decimated the Jedi Academy and beaten Skywalker (unless we’re to find later than it was one of those things where it all happened while Luke was away etc. ) I dug the mask – but really wished he’d kept it on, or even better – not removed it until the conflict with Han on the bridge-thing (which, btw – who the hell puts a bridge over nothingness and doesn’t have handrails on it? ) THAT to me would have been so much more impactful; to reveal “ohh my God.. he’s just a child…” right before he goes shish-ka-bob on daddy. My “villain” complaints in TFA will be TOTALLY absolved if the next few films develop / mature him as a baddie – then it will be perfect that we watch the child become an adult… (P. S. – have you seen / read the “Kylo is a Jedi and undercover with the Dark Side! ” fan stuff? I think it’s absurd, but ‘eh – I like reading that stuff. 4) Han and Chewie: God damnit, you took the galaxy’s most cock-sure smuggler and turned him into a slapstick sideshow.. “ohh, I like this! ” Seriously, after 40+ years together Chewie’s never let you fire his Bowcaster, but all the sudden he’ll just pass it off to you like nothing else? And Han’s death … just.. idk; underwhelming. Han and Chewy's personalities did change, but thats to be expected after 30 years and Han changing from a smuggler to a military general. Sure they were silly and the bowcaster thing didn't necessarily make sense, but it’s a movie. Also Hans death may have been underwhelming for you but it has made 100’s of grown men cry (or at least tear up). Could there have been more wow factor, sure, but in terms of “I am fighting with my inner demons and I feel I need to kill my dad” I think it was done well. Though I am a little confused about who the hell doesn’t put railings on these I'm an idiot bridges. And back to smuggler again … this is one of my issues – there’s sooooo much that happened in that time between ROTJ and TFA – and so much that appears not to have happened. With the whole “where’s the Republic? Thing. The bowcaster thing makes more sense now that I’ve read some fan theory stuff – it was setup like that with Han making the whole “this thing IS powerful” comments to make it more apparent that Kylo was REALLLY hurting when he fought Finn / Rey. So, ok – sure I’ll concede that a bit as a bit of foreshadowing, but still don’t like it. Han’s death was pivotal for me. AS soon as the scene set up with him walking out onto the bridge, Chewie watching from the side, and Ren and Finn on the balcony I started audibly saying “no no no no no” and had to literally cover my mouth.. both my hands went to my head when it happened, and I too was moved (not to tears…) by his death. My complaint about the scene is just that it’s underwhelming, and again with the whole repeated themes thing (Maul dies, falls in pit… Mace Windu.. tossed out window … Luke, falls into void at Bespin.. Papatine, dooooooown the Death Star II reactor shaft. … c’mon, where the hell is OSHA when they build this crap?? ) I think it’s more than the need to kill his Dad … it’s the thing that Luke couldn’t do … kill his father to complete his transformation to the Dark Side.. That Anakin failed to do (not killing Obi Wan).. I am laying great faith in Disney to bring back Kylo as the Badass of badasses – no other evil to this point has gone as FAR down the Dark Path as he… 5) On-screen Chemistry: In their own rights, Finn and Rey are going to be great characters; together though, I just wasn’t feeling it. Sure, the acting from the original cast was a little flat – but after the crap from Ep. II and III between Anakin / Padme, you’d think they’d focus on getting two people together that really had some chemistry. Given where they come from, Finn being someone who was brain washed as a child into being a Stormtrooper who then defected from the First Order, and Rey a bored girl who is stuck on a desert planet, I think their chemistry works. Neither of them really had any friends or knew how to interact with a friend. Lets take two children between 3 and 6 and cut them off from all of the comforts of a normal life or at least a family, leave them to fend for themselves for 15-20 years and see just how weird they are. The characters are great – both Rey and Finn. My complaint is their on screen chemistry – it just felt scripted and forced (not so much as the “I hate sand, it gets everywhere” or “you’re going down a path I cannot follow! ” from Anakin / Padme lack of chemistry; but definitely not the playful flirting we saw with Han / Leia). 6) Lightsaber battles – Better than Ep. I, II, and III by far – I’m so sick of that choreography BS. Jumps, twists and whatnot. I liked that these were more hurried, desperate duels – almost like “just go over there and whack on each other for a while. ” (Final Luke v. Vader saber duel in VI was by FAR the best). Still, Kylo should have wiped the floor with Finn at least.. especially given the demonstration of his powers earlier in the film. In Kylo's duel with Finn he was significantly injured (we saw Chewy's Bowcaster create some pretty large explosions) and he was also dealing with having just murdered his father; to say he wasn't focused is an understatement. It is also reasonable to assume that all Stormtroopers were trained in hand-to-hand combat, allowing Finn to have a slight level of proficiency (keep in mind he also couldn't beat a Stormtrooper in a fight). When Kylo fights Rey, he is sill injured and unfocused, but on top of that he is now confused as to why Rey was able to grab Luke's saber and not him, causing him to be confused and even less focused. Should he have won handsomely, yes, but there are reasons why he didn't. I think killing Han was supposed to solidify Kylo’s transition to the dark side and when he died Kylo still feels the call to the light or at least doesn’t feel as close to the dark side as he expected. This coupled with his failure to grab the saber built by his idol and the pain of his injuries I think all adds up to not being on his game. I agree with the significant injury part. I scoff at the “Stormtroopers trained in hand to hand” piece though -.. lightsaber battles and duels b/t Jedi / Sith are much more than just whacking on each other – explained REALLY well in the Darth Bane story (wiki link is most concise summary I could find), but basically one of the first things a Jedi does when fighting someone force attuned is throw up a defensive barrier – so mind trick and what have you don’t work on them yadayada. Ren is FULL of rage, hate, anger, pain, suffering at this point … ALL things that work to power the Dark Side – he should be in Dark-Side Beast-Mode. Killing his father.. I feel like that’s less an internal struggle now that that part’s over. I fell his resolve would be strengthened after killing Han … I get that he’s confused, disoriented, weakened even.. but that still doesn’t explain to me why Rey, with no training whatsoever, and only having “tested” her force powers like twenty minutes earlier, is able to so effortlessly do something that Luke, after three-ish years of training, had so much trouble with in the ice cave on Hoth.. She better be the white-knight of white-knights Jedi wise (I see an epic Rey v. Ren battle coming in the future.. ) 7) Luke’s Lightsaber – Alright … hold the phone.. This thing was cut from Luke’s hand at the end of Ep. V; and by all accounts plummeted into the depths of the gas giant Bespin. How, all of the sudden, is it some moldy basement, completely unscarred and looking bright and shiny? Dafuq? Did we just, forget that part of the story from Ep. V? It is not too far fetched that Luke's lightsaber made its way to Maz's palace. In the book "Aftermath" there is a chapter about a merchant selling Darth Vader's saber to a mysterious group of people, and we thought that thing blew up on the Deathstar. Luke didn't just fall straight down; he was sucked into one of the ports on the side of the structure. So the saber and hand could have gone into a different one. To then be salvaged sold and passed around until it made it’s way to Maz. I will be downloading the audiobook for Aftermath tonight … (what else am I going to do with the [I did the math] 34. 5 days I spend in my truck each year just commuting… P. – the new Serial is a topic near and dear to me – it’s worth a listen). I recommend the Thrawn Trilogy (by Timothy Zahn) and the X-Wing series (by Michael Stackpoole) for some awesome post-BOE Star Wars action. That will give you a better idea of the “galactic” level of plot I thought I was walking into. (Imperial governors struggling for control post-Palpatine.. Grand Admirals fighting EACH OTHER Star-Destroyer to Star-Destroyer to be the new “baddie in charge. ” The New Republic struggling to constitute an intergalactic government as the infrastructure the Empire had created crumbles or is sabotaged… Back on task here – I need to hear the “story for another time” now on how Maz came to possess the saber.. I’m sure there will be a good backstory to it (at least, I hope). 8) The Resistance – why is it only 17-ish X-wings fighting this great battle for the universe? WETF – what happened to the varied types of fighters, mid-size, and capital ships of yore? If the answer is “well, they’re part of the New Republic now, not the Resistance. ” Then where the hell was the New Republic in all of this? Imperials destroying entire star systems and this new intergalactic gov’t is all “lawl, we’ll just chill over here – you guys figure it out between yourselves. ” From my understanding, The Resistance is essentially the strike force for the Republic. The Republic is non-militant, and still trying to get its feet, so the Resistance was formed to help combat the Imperial Remnant (i. e. The First Order). Where is the Republic? They were blown to bits. Perhaps they were previously unaware of the impact this weapon could have or the time line for finishing it. Should they have maybe spread their fleet out a bit more, yes pick a few planets in different systems next time but they didn’t do that. So any fleet the republic did have was destroyed along with the republic. The resistance base is a secret “need to know” base so I imagine they don’t have much space and they also only bring the best and most trusted pilots into the fold. This is my point… that “strike force” is what, like 17 X-wings? And THAT’S all we’ve decided is needed to combat this new “Starkiller” threat? Where are the support ships? The capital ships? Anything eles?? I work in a world of segmented intel, “need to know” and whathaveyou – something like this … all hands would be on deck. I can’t believe that the “entire” Republic space presence was at the Hosnian System at the time of its demise (if it was, that’s very poor galactic politics, and very poor military planning). There should be multiple fleets (just like there are 13 Grand Admirals of the Imperial Navy – and an estimated production of over 25, 000 Imperial-Class Star Destroyers prior to BOE). I can’t imagine that NONE of those former Imperials defected post-Endor. Hell, in the EU, the ImpStar2 is used by both sides – becoming the main ambassadorial ship of the New Republic. ) There should have been multiple battle groups spread through the galaxy, if doing nothing else than waving the flag and showing a New Republic presence. (I also felt this point in the story was dealt with rather haphazardly – they spent more time building up the firing sequence than showing the destruction and impact etc.. and ohh God they missed a golden opportunity.. WHY.. WHY wasn’t Senator Jar-Jar on that platform going “ohhh! Messa see da sky fire lights! Whatsa wesa celebrating ery-budy? ” I would have DIED laughing as Jar Jar got nuked. ) This is really an issue of scale … the term “fleet” doesn’t mean “all the ships. ” Heck, the U. Navy has SIX “fleets” right now. 9) The First Order – Umm … Nazi’s much? Really, they had no mission, just to “be evil! ” It wasn’t to “wrest control of the galaxy back from the New Republic, ” it was “ I'm an idiot I'm an idiot up because we can. ” Damn they pissed me off – at least in the originals, you understood why the Empire acted as it did, there was reason and rationale, not just “we’re the bad guys, and we’re bad, so you shouldn’t like us. ” I believe the First Order's main goal was to restore the galaxy back to the order that the Empire had (I'm not positive, but I believe I remember General Huxx ( I'm an idiot yeah, ginger's in charge of a fkn Star Destroyer! ) saying something along the line of that. And here’s where I again think they had such a golden opportunity to try a new theme vs. “Death Star – Planet Edition. ” If that’s the goal, they’re not looking to nuke the galaxy, but intimidate it back into the Imperial fold. I’m sure there are still worlds and galaxies firmly under Imperial control that the Republic hasn’t reached yet. There could have been such a different tack here vs. kablooieing the whole kit n caboodle. Political subterfuge, backstabbing, double agents etc. etc. ….

Rey has the personality of a Clone. 'Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of (2018) Film Online' Watch Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker full movie counter download... Dude that 3PO part hit me sooo hard lol. I was hooked on Ian McDiarmid's scenes. He plays The Emperor so flawlessly. It is definitely the role he was born to play. I wish they would use him and his character more in the future. Star wars: episode ix - the rise of skywalker watch full movie.

Where is R2-D2. Star wars: episode ix - the rise of skywalker watch full online.

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